Workplace Giving

Workplace Giving

Looking for easy ways to handle  workplace giving at your office.

We use  Karma Currency


What is it?

Karma Currency’s “Workplace Giving – Minus the Work” online platform offers companies a branded, robust, accountable, system with full reporting functionality. Most importantly – 100% of the funds that are donated reach your charity.

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Why Karma?

Let’s face it – Workplace Giving is a tough sell! HR want to offer staff more than one charity choice, Payroll don’t want the headaches of paying multiple charities and Management don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for it. So Karma Currency is the answer. It is flexible (allowing for 1 or 100 charities), it’s one payment through payroll and no, it doesn’t cost an arm or a leg.

What’s next?

Simply introduce us to your corporate partner and we will ensure that your charity becomes the super default charity.

5 top reasons to use Karma currency

1) Economical – all fund donated to your charity, reach your charity on a monthly basis. There is no further cost to your charity whatsoever.

2) Easy – our online Workplace Giving Platform can be set up in minutes and can allow companies can choose to limit the charity choices, or offer all 200 charities.

3) Flexible – Donation can be matched or unmatched, once off or recurring.

4) Straight forward – Payroll pay one invoice. We charge the company plus 7% of donation to run platform.

5) Effective – Your charity becomes the hero default charity for all donations in the program. So, if staff do not elect where the funds will go within 28 days, all funds will vest with your charity.

What’s next?

If your company is interested in donating to Every Home Global Concern this can be arranged through our partnership with the Karma Currency Foundation.

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