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  • 26th June 201326/06/13
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Its Harrys 5th birthday!

And what does he want??

100 Mozzie nets to help kids in Africa!

“We have to get the kids healthy” Harry says “They are getting sick and dying from getting a mozzie bite!”

Harry is talking about the 1 child every 30 seconds that dies from the mosquito borne disease – malaria.

Malaria is a leading cause of death and mortality in Africa, it prevents people from working their farms, children from attending school, the disease leaves many children orphaned, and leaves many parents without children. It is “that” serious. The majority of these children live in Sub-Sahara Africa and this is where Global Concern is working to decrease the incidence of Malaria.

We work with local partners to distribute mosquito nets to poor village subsistence farmers who are involved in our Food Security Projects. So far it is working, mortality is decreasing in these areas and work productivity increasing. So Harry wants to keep helping!

Harry first heard about malaria when his mum read the Global Concern newsletter and told him that there are kids who have so little, but that we can actually help them. She told him how a mozzie net could help them, and Harry decided that is what they should do!

“I have a chart on my wall and every time I get $10 I put a sticker on, were going to buy 100 nets!” Harry says.

Harry sais excitedly “I also want a Gup for my birthday (a toy from a Kids TV show Octonauts) but I can have both! A gup to play with and I can give mozzie nets to other kids too!”

If you want to help Harry reach his Birthday goal of 100 nets to help 100 families, at $10 each, please visit his donation page here 

If you want to join in and encourage your own kids to buy nets for children who need them in Africa, let us know and we will see how many our kids can buy!

To download “Harrys Mozzie net chart”   to track how your doing .

Download Harry's Net rocket Here Visit His Donation Page

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