Sponsor a Child

To give a child the opportunity to escape the cycle of poverty is to give the child an education for a lifetime. Global Concern does just that through its child sponsorship program. All it costs is $30 a month: will you make a difference to the life of a child?

Global Concern runs 5 primary schools in Bangladesh and India, which provide free education to children of the poorest families in the communities. By being a child sponsor for $30 a month you are providing schooling, lunches, study material, and medical help for these children.

A portion of the funds is also used to help the parents of the children get jobs. We provide adults in the community with vocational training and micro-enterprise opportunities as well as health, hygiene, and family planning information. Our goal is community development so that communities can become self-sufficient in the long-term.

Global Concern gives you the assurance that your child sponsorship contribution is effective in addressing poverty at its core. We don’t simply send money to overseas organisations and hope for the best. Sponsored children attend schools run by Global Concern and which are closely monitored by our Australian office, which is fully endorsed by AusAID.

So far, thanks to our generous child sponsors in Australia, Global Concern has been able to give our children in Bangladesh and India access to education and the chance for a better future. But we need more sponsors to come forward and help support our children and our schools to ensure we can continue to provide free education to those who need it most. Currently, there are more than 100 unsponsored children in our 5 schools across Bangladesh and India that need your help. Please complete the form on the right to become a child sponsor today.

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